Monday, April 15, 2013

"HOME" - 03/22/13 - Deuteronomy 33:1-34:12, Joshua 1:1-2:24

God’s beloved;
    God’s permanent residence.
Encircled by God all day long,
    within whom God is at home.” (Deuteronomy 33:12)

Did you catch the best part of this verse? 

"within whom God is at home.”

He is talking about you, His beloved.  You who are "in" Him and He is "in" you.

Permanently - unless you decide to kick Him out. 

Just one of the many things about my Abba that amazes me.  He gives me free choice to love Him....or not. 

He isn't like the intruding mother-in-law, the butt of all jokes, comes to visit and never moves out, takes over the entire house and runs it her way.  He is the polite guest that only goes where you allow Him to.  Not that He doesn't want to be everywhere, He is not intrusive.  He desires that your house will become a home that revolves around Him. 

He loves us that much, knowing what is best for us  - is Him.

He calls me "His beloved".  And because I have invited Him into my "heart home", He sees me in all stages.  When I have my best clothes on, my hair is fixed and makeup in place.  My "heart home" is picked up and spotless, all areas organized and purged.  He sees me at my best, and still dust bunnies flutter around my ankles - not matter how much I clean. 

I will strive to have my "heart home" be totally His until my last breath. 

There will be times that He sees me at my worst.  My hair hasn't been combed and is wild about my head, the robe I am wearing could stand up by itself in a corner, if you could find a corner.  My "heart home" is a mess, cluttered and dirty, dishes mounted upon the counter, flies buzzing around rotten food.  TV is a continuous source of noise and foul language that my mouth sometimes imitates. 

Because I live in the world, because I am human, there are times when my "heart home" isn't reflecting Him.  Thankfully, I have asked Him into my "heart home" as His "permanent residence" and I am "encircled by Him all day long".  He holds me accountable when my housekeeping falters, encouraging me and helping me to get things cleaned up and in order.  He shows me that my "heart home"  has to be at the ready for the Divine Appointments He has made for me.  My love for Him is prevailing over my backsliding and I find myself desiring and continually striving to give my "heart home" over to Him. 

You see, I love living in my "heart home" when He isn't a guest, but a member of my family.  When He is the Lord of my "heart home".  I am blessed beyond words when I submit to His ways and follow His example of keeping my "heart home" in order.  I love not having the "ugliness of sin", amongst the beauty of His Home - my "heart home". 

I love that I am "within whom God is at home.”

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