Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Uncomfortable" - 03/28/13 - Joshua 18:1-19:48

“How long are you going to sit around on your hands" (18:3)

Get off my duff.

Quite easily, I could sit in my comfort zone for hours, days, months, even years.

That isn't what He expects me to do.  The "comforts" He has blessed me with are an encouragement for me to get out and lead others to those "comforts".  

"Go as I LIVE, making Disciples".

Can not very well LIVE if I am sitting in my "comfort room".

Yes, I can open up my "comfort room" for others to come and enjoy.  Most often though, they are ones that have already found the "comfort" of being a part of His family.  Not saying that spending time with His family is a bad thing, but Jesus gave us example after example of spending time with those outside of "comfort".  And most times, those outside don't feel "comfortable" coming into my "comfort room". 

Until you are In Him - His "comforts" are........uncomfortable.

So - which do I choose.  Getting out of my "comfort room" and getting into my uncomfortable place - their comfort room.  Or - extend the invite, they reject, and continue to sit back enjoying my "comfort room" and not be concerned.   Focusing so intently on our "comforts" we forget about or ignore those outside His "comforts". 

How easy it is, after being in the world and recognizing that it really wasn't a "comfort" place at all, so now you want to remain in His "comforts".  It is our natural bent to be selfish.  To become settled and lazy. 

To become, well, comfortable. 

Only through and In Him are we able to go against our natural bent and be transformed.  He will change our vision to seeing those outside of Him as lost and that time is flying by.  That all of us are dying and last breaths could be - just a breath away.  To see others as "Divine Appointments" that we have to leave our "comfort rooms" to make.  The urgency in not breaking these Appointments.  They may be the last appointment the person, He has lined up for you, will have.  You may be the only vessel of Christ they will see.

Do you hear Him as He tells you quite plainly - "Get out of your comfort room."

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