Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Seas in Life" - 03/27/13 - Joshua 15:20-17:18

The Great Sea is the western border. (15:47)


God put them there for a reason. 

How often do I test the boundaries?  Walk the fence so to say.  Put my toe in the waters, testing the temps.  Thinking it is "just right" and wade on in.  At times even going underwater and checking out the bottom.  Scuba diving - looking for lost treasure.  Floating in that sea of sin.  Water lapping up against my blowup raft as I bask in the sun. 

Rose tinted glasses perched upon my nose. 

And then, 


                                                                      the shark comes in..............

God gives us boundaries for our safety.  They are nothing to play with, cross over, jumping back and forth over the line. 

Playing games with sin. 

I once heard in a sermon about a high fence that divided the land.  Buried too deep for animals to dig under and too high for any to jump it.  For generations the fence stood, as a boundary, until it was removed.  There were generations of deer born in these forest before and after the fence.  And today, even though the fence is no longer there, the deer still do not cross the boundary line.  They have been conditioned throughout the generations not to go beyond that point. 

Even without the fence.

How am I at my boundary line that God has placed around me?   Did I train our sons to stop or to play?  Did I teach them that sin is serious.  It is not a game to play with. 

A sin is a sin.  There are no different levels.  All of sin separates us from God.


Because He is Holy. 

Christ makes us holy - never will He cast us out, unless we remove ourselves from Him and go beyond the boundary.  Beyond not only the boundary line, but outside of Him. 

Each time we test the boundaries, is an opportunity for sin to make our hearts hard. 

God has given us His seas and everything else we need within our boundaries "in" Him.

Use His seas. 

Not the seas of sin.

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