Saturday, September 20, 2014

"Chosen - YOU" - 09/20/14 - Haggai 1-2

"I've looked over the field and chosen you for this work.'" The Message of God-of-the-Angel-Armies."(2:23)

We are now into the third week of a new study, Altar Ego, by Craig Groeschel. 

Again, I am blown away by our ABBA's timing.  Nothing is by coincidence - nothing.

He knew I needed to not just read this book, but to study it.  To take time and chew on it - consume it and allow it to work in the transformation of my heart. 

How often we wonder, doubt, balk, at the "work" our ABBA has given us. There are times we are so into "self", we completely miss the "work" He has set before us and miss out on the blessings gleaned from the "work" when done. 

No matter where your journey takes you this day and every day, remember - nothing is by coincidence.  Look forward in excitement to where He is leading you, using you, growing you, completing and transforming you.  All steps are gaining ground closer to being Home with Him! 


In all of history, God decided that in this one little slice - this seventy years or eighty-two years or ninety-one years, whatever time you have on this earth - this was the single point ideally suited for you to serve Him and bring Him glory.  Out of all of the nearly infinite possibilities, there was no better time for you to be born with your unique gifts, talents, skills, and personality.  God knew you before you were, and He put you right where He wanted you.

Unfortunately, many of us don't believe we are masterpieces.  We focus so much on our perceived deficiencies that we convince our selves that God wouldn't use us, or perhaps even that He couldn't.  Because we have not grasped who we are, we work hard to focus on all the things we are not.  Consequently, we're not living out our true purpose, no wonder we're frustrated.  If you don't know the purpose of something, all you can do is misuse it.

Who are you?  Think about everything that characterizes your life and defines you.  Think about the experiences you've had, the decisions you've made, all the people you've loved, the trophies you've won, and all those times you've blown it.  Are you good enough?  By yourself, no.

But He is.

He's more than enough.   His grace is more than enough for you.  You are who you are - you are where you are - because He set you on this path, plotted this course for you.  And right now, in this moment, as you're reading the words on this page, it's because God put them in front of you for you.  (And you know it's true, don't you?)  Without Christ, there's something wrong with you.  But with Christ, you are God's Masterpiece.  you are created for His purpose, and you have all you need to do all God wants you to do.  And nothing will be wasted; God will use everything in your life to fulfill His vision for you.

When you know who you are, you will know what to do."(Craig Groeschel).

YOU  - are His Masterpiece.


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