Tuesday, September 02, 2014

"Not Wandering Lost" - 09/02/14 - Ezekiel 20-21

a kind of signpost erected between me and them to show them that I, God, am in the business of making them holy.(20:12)

Just wondering what sort of signpost you are following.
In your daily journey, you'll be coming to many a fork in the road.
How are you determining which way to proceed?

Are you finding when walking His way, following His lead, you are drawing closer to Him? You are becoming more like Him when walking in His Footprints.

I love how His Word is our map. The Holy Spirit is our guide. To point out the right directions when His "Map" doesn't make sense or we aren't liking where it is leading us. How The Holy Spirit prepares us for all types of terrain. I love how our Savior is our Light. How He has already covered all the ground we will, He has cleared the way from all that is a danger to our soul. How His Family is here with us on this journey to help each other. Support each other.

And I so love that our ABBA is the final destination.

What signpost are you following? And where are you heading?

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