Saturday, September 06, 2014

"Not a New Dress " - 09/04/14 - Ezekiel 24-27

Again, you'll be an example for them. And they'll recognize that I am God." (24:27)


Isn't it exciting to know He uses us again and again. 


You will be, not might - will be - an example for Him.

I am so very thankful for all the prayers, words of encouragement. For His Love coming through so many. The next two days, as we bury my Uncle Jim, will be difficult and I don't need to make it harder by making this all about me. It doesn't matter what outfit I will be wearing.

 It matters who I am wearing.

Knowing I am going to be around those I am estranged from has been promoting a vicious battle these past few days. Trying not to yield to "what if" scenarios and focus on being more like Christ. Trying not to replay over and over words that have been spoken to and about me and filling my head instead with His Words. Obsessing instead on His Truths.

Praying I will be strong "in" my ABBA and He will shine through the darkness. My heart breaks, not only for the passing of my Uncle Jim, but also for the state of where the family He placed me in is at. I am fighting the urge to allow fear and doubt to creep in, focusing on squeezing into an outfit and all the other worldly matters, instead of Him.

I know He has prepared me for any situation, for His timing is perfect. I am praying today and tomorrow I will not be there - only a vessel for Him.

And in His perfect timing, this is the devotional He blessed me with this morning. Yet another fortification, as He has been doing each and every day for the past week.
 He knows me so. And loves me so. He knows what I need.

And it isn't a new dress. It is more of Him. His Word.

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