Sunday, September 07, 2014

"His Garden of Eden" - 09/07/14 - Ezekiel 35-37

"this weed patch has been turned into the Garden a Eden!"(36:35)

It seems our progress is so slow!  I am so thankful and grateful for my Curt.  He who is able to dig holes for plants at a much quicker pace than I am able to - usually three (or four) to my one.  We were working on the area across the drive tonight, trying to get the plants into the ground so their roots will become established before the winter months set in.  In my head, I am able to see the end results like a photograph.  Through my eyes I am able to see it will be awhile before the photograph in my minds eye is a reality. 

And amongst the new plants are old weeds still hanging on after spraying, pulling, chopping.  Trying to take back their ground from the new plants.  In the midst of them I found a beautiful purple flower.  No idea where it came from, what it is, but will be transplanting it in a more prominent place. 

I have found particularly along the woods edge, it is the hardest to keep the "weed patch" from overtaking the gardens.  The roots run deep and wide from within the woods, all the way out into the clearings we have created for new plants.  And how persistent they are!  It takes constant effort to keep them at bay.  Either with a chemical or physical work. 

Like the heart.

Constant effort.

But, how He gives me encouragement.  The times when I feel or think I have failed Him, I look down and happen upon His "purple flower", there amongst the sins of life.  His Beauty.  Reminding me.  I am His beauty.  His Beloved. 

His Word is the nourishment I need to grow His Garden of Eden within.  I have to continually take it in so it will "chemically" ward off the sin.  The Holy Spirit is my gardener, pruning, turning the soil, keeping away the roots of sin that threaten to take over my heart - my Garden of Eden.  Strongest in the areas where it is darkest, there along the edge.  The place in the shade, away from His Sonlight. 

I pray continually for Him to search my heart and remove anything that is not of Him.
I pray continually for my heart to become His Garden of Eden.

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