Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"Nora" - 09/10/14 - Ezekiel 42-43

"And I will accept you with pleasure, with delight!  Decree of God, The Master."(43:27)

I have a little friend, Nora.   She is a beauty with big expressive eyes, blond hair with curls - which is usually up in two little pigtails.  Almost always smiling ear to ear.  Adorable is my little friend.

The first time I met her, we were at a ballgame and the rest of her family was there too.  When her two little cousins came walking up, Nora's delight in seeing them took over.  She was so excited, she was unable to contain herself.  She went running up to them, joy bubbling out from within her, her little body full of excitement as she went in for the hugs. 

Nora looks at all of life like this. 

Although you are unable to understand most of what she is saying when "talking", you are able to see excitement bubbling from within, through her eyes, her body language. 

When I watch her, my heart overflows with joy in how she delights in seeing me - just being near me.

I know without a doubt, this is how my ABBA is when I draw near to Him. 

There is such a gift in the acceptance from our ABBA and others.  A gift which makes you feel special, loved beyond comprehension.  There is such joy when seeing another's eyes light up in delight when seeing you. 

Unconditionally, joyfully, delightfully loved by Him through others.

I so love the "little taste of Heaven" He gives me.

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