Thursday, January 01, 2015

"Breathe" - 01/01/15 - Genesis 1-3

"In the beginning God"(1:1)

Today I am entering into what will be my 56th year of "beginning". 

Not only my birth day in October, but "beginning" over and over again.

Beginning over - with each breath I am given.  Beginning - with repentance.  with more of an awareness of ABBA.  with taking another step.  with endings.  with new starts.  with just staying where I am.  with picking up doubt.  with laying it down.  with growing.  relationships.  myself.  with letting go of that which He commands of me.  letting go of self.  letting go of lies. with growing more like my Jesus. 


A new year.  A new dawn.  A new place. 

Beginning.  With.  In.  Him.

With each breath I am given. 

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