Saturday, January 03, 2015

"Never Does He Not" - 02/03/15 - Genesis 8-11

"But God remembered"(8:1)

It was just 14 days ago I was praying for the safe arrival of our Nichalas/Amber.  I prayed for time to slow to a crawl, for me to count blessings given, to focus on time spent together, not apart.  To obey ABBA when He told me to count what He gives me, not what I don't get.  To focus on being more like my Christ, rather than being consumed with "me".

Today, I am praying for their safe travels as they make their way back to Phoenix. 

Yes.  I still feel the tears as they slowly run down my cheeks. Yes.  My heart still has a physical ache when I know today marks the last time of seeing, touching, hearing, watching, just being together, without a future date set on the calendar.  Yes.  I even wish I could turn the clock back - not just 14 days ago, but years. 

It would be so easy to slip into the wishing for yesterdays when they were little and we were together each and every day.  When my days were filled with their little faces looking up at me, their little hands reaching out to me.  My ears filled with the giggles and conversations of two brothers bonding as forever best friends. 

But, I am not.  I am breathing in "a new beginning".  I will occasionally take out and reminisce the view ABBA has given me from the "window in my ark".  But today, I am looking forward to Eternity.  I am not going to focus on the next 365 days in which we may spend few weeks together, but on the fact these next days are only a blip on our way to Eternity.

My ABBA remembered.

These past few days He has taken time and made it crawl. He has taken this home and filled it to the rafters with so many parts of our hearts. He has blessed me in the making of  memory after memory to carry me through to eternity. He has remembered me. He has remembered us all.

I am not the only parent to feel this way in separating from their child.  I am not the only one who misses those who aren't with us any longer.  He uses each of us to bring comfort to one another as we journey through times when those we love aren't with us.  He uses each of us to give strength, encouragement, insight, to focus on eternity.  He uses the accounts of those in His Word who experienced the same emotions we do. 

He remembers us in our pain.  In our joy.  In our sorrow.  In our laughter.  In the all of us.

He has remembered and is teaching me to make the most of my days here.  Not to fill them with self-pity.  With selfishness.  With pouting and wanting more.  He has taught me to take what I am given and use it for His Glory.  He is teaching me to take the blessing of time and live life for Him.  To fill my moments with those He has put into my path and embrace life, instead of spending them yearning for those who are not with me. 

Our ABBA never forgets us. 

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