Wednesday, January 14, 2015

"Need of a Station Change" - 01/14/15 - Job 38-39

"Then The LORD answered" (38:1)

I can't give the details, it isn't my place.  There is something new going on in our lives and I am struggling. 

It isn't that I am against it.  I am actually very happy. 

Right now, I am fighting "doubt" from coming in.

You know, that small whisper which is still able to command your attention.  No matter the noise, the busyness of life going on about you.  You still manage to hear it. 

I have just discovered it is because I need to change the frequency of my brain.  To turn the dial of "hearing, seeing" over to the ABBA station.  Until I do that - doubt will always filter in through my mind like fog in the streets of London.

After reading these two chapters in Job this morning of God speaking and asking Job where was he when He formed the world, I realized (again), "Wow!  Who am I to allow doubt to creep in and stir up worry and fear". 

In taking up "doubt", I am pretty much slapping my ABBA in the face with words of  "You aren't enough".  Enough to be in control of all that is going on in my little world, even though you created the whole of the world. 

During my prayer time with Him this morning, He answered all my fears and doubts about the current situation.  He reminded me with memories of where He has prevailed and used each of us as His Warriors.  He gave my mind pictures of faces belonging to those who He used us to lead to Him.  He answered me - yet again.

So - I am asking for prayers.  Prayers for His hedge of protection to be about each of us.  A hedge of protection to ward off the arrows satan is shooting at us, as we continue on as His Warriors.  I am asking for prayers for all to switch their dial so they may be totally consumed with His Words.  His answers.

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