Sunday, January 25, 2015

"He Makes Us All Beautiful" - 01/25/15 - Genesis 38-40

"Now Joseph was handsome in form and appearance."(39:6)

Whenever I read this description of one in Scriptures, I wish there was a picture of them.  Looking back through the paintings, photographs of earlier times, it is interesting what one finds as handsome or beautiful has changed throughout the years. 

I love how ABBA has transformed my heart to see those He has made in His image.  I love looking at how He has taken the same "materials" and is able to make an unique masterpiece with each person.  Not one of us is alike.  Not one.

Doesn't that amaze you? 

And nature.  Not one thing or animal is alike.  Not one.

This morning we stood in the kitchen.  Tears had made her eyes red.  She was doing all she could to hold herself together.  Her sons were bouncing off around her.  Emotions running high and low, could be felt in the air.  When I looked at her, I saw ABBA's daughter.  His beautiful, strong daughter.  I saw a mom.  I saw a friend.   And my heart went out to her.  Only able to imagine what struggles she has as a single (not by choice) mom.  Thankful she has her family to help her out, but the main responsibility is hers in raising up of these two boys.  Blessed because she is adamant to be raising them in Christ.  They are the hope of our future.   I saw my sister - beautiful in form and appearance.

We sat in a circle, this family of mine through ABBA.  Laughter, serious conversations.  Joy.  Each week I am blessed in just taking communion of life with them.  with ABBA.  I see my brothers and sisters - beautiful in form and appearance.

There were only four of us this week as we met for our every other week study.  Women ABBA has hand chosen for me to draw near to, to dream, to grow, to be myself.  My sisters who in the lamplight of my living room share His beauty through their smiles. their laughter.  their love.  His beloved - beautiful in form and appearance.

Each week in church I am surrounded by those who I call family.  Those who greet me bight-eyed. with a hug.  a kiss.  conversation.  I stand or sit in worship surrounded by these ones whom He calls His.  My family - beautiful in form and appearance.

This life I have been blessed with to share with my Curt.  Ours sons.  Daughter.  Future daughter-in-law (one day).  Those He has placed into our lives and our hearts - beautiful in form and appearance.

The one thing that everything and everyone has in common, is if we look through His eyes, we are able to see the beauty of Christ. 

We all are - beautiful in form and appearance.

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