Monday, March 28, 2016

"All Our Days" - 03/28/16 - Joshua 19-21

"Not one word failed from all the good words God spoke to the house of Israel. Everything came out right." (Joshua 21:45)


We began this past weekend with Good Friday. 

It is always a very bittersweet day.

A day causing my heart to break, my eyes to tear - when I think about and picture what our Abba and Savior went through that day.

Knowing within hours, his friend, his travel companion of these past three years, one whom He had shared life with, not only life as they walked the dusty roads, but also the key to life of eternal. 


With a kiss. 

The Lamb would be led to slaughter.

That day - He stood there, knowing He was God, power to crush them all with only a look - He stood silent. 

That day - He felt the pain from the thorns shoved into His head, that pure and beautiful head.  The whip of glass and stone, across His back, tearing the pure and beautiful skin to shreds.  His blood, that pure and beautiful blood, splattered and running, covering sin.  His ears, those pure and beautiful ears, hearing denial, curses, and taunts from those who had claimed to have loved Him.  His eyes, the pure and beautiful windows to His soul. 

His soul. 

His pure and beautiful soul, which He poured out for me.

For us.

For all.

His love.  His pure and beautiful Love.

He gave up all He was.  All He had. 

For Love. 

That day. 

That day - when the sun would turn to dark. 

That day - when it seemed that satan had won.  That all God had said, was lost. 

That day -  is the day -  is the beginning of the end. 

That day -  is the day He became our sacrifice, our hope, when it seemed all was lost.

That day -  is the day His blood was shed for me - for my sins.

That day - is the day He died for my sins.

That day - is the day He took my place.

"Not one word failed from all the good words God spoke to the house of Israel." 

That day - Everything came out right."

And again, I am reminded how I struggle with the time of Lent, our celebrating Good Friday and Easter for just one weekend.  It should be remembered, recognized, and celebrated.

Each Day.
Every Day. 
All Days.

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