Saturday, March 12, 2016

"His Inheritance" - 03/12/16 - Deuteronomy 3-4

"But you—God took you right out of the iron furnace, out of Egypt, to become the people of His inheritance—and that's what you are this very day." (4:20)

It is often I think about and then thank Him for where He has rescued me from. 
It is often, I realize even while I lived apart from Him, He still shielded me from what could have happened. 
It is often, I thank Him that I haven't had to suffer the consequences I could have.
It is often I realize how He rescued me.
He rescued me from the fires of hell.

My "iron furnace" was a life of being in the world. Trying to fill a void, only He could fill, with secular things. He removed my soul, my spirit, from the world - "Egypt" - and brought me to Him - His place.
And although I was worn over, dirty, full of self - He wanted - NO......
He desired me to be His.
I am His Inheritance. 
The King of Kings, Lord of all is my ABBA - my Daddy. 
I am His princess.
I am His heir to an inheritance which all earthly things can not even compare to.
I have a mansion with many rooms being built.
I will live in a place where gold looks like glass.
But, the very best part of my inheritance, the very best part -  is I shall walk and be with my Daddy. 
He will live with me in my mansion.
He will walk on the street of gold with me.
My ABBA.  My Daddy.  He is The King of Kings. Forever.

On the very day I accepted Christ, I became His daughter.
There was not a waiting, trial, or testing period.
It was immediate.
Bound in a never ending covenant.
Unless I choose to walk away from Him.

I am His Inheritance.  Sealed in His blood.

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