Thursday, March 17, 2016

"The Power In His Blood" - 03/17/16 - Deuteronomy 17-20


"Clean the polluting evil from your company."(19:20)

Sin is so like a cancer.

It begins in one little cell and can/will consume you if left to do damage. Sometimes satan is aggressive and takes over at such a rate, it leaves his victim wondering what happened. I think of Haiti so immersed in voodoo, demons are in broad daylight for satan doesn't just come out in the dark when he feels right at home.  I think of the USA where  he is more subtle, sneaky, while using tolerance, compliance,  to cloak his movements.  Looking about you can see he is more aggressive as we become more tolerant and compliant.  Slowly we are becoming accustomed and viewing many of  the sins as "normal" or "not that bad".

Either strategy he uses accomplishes destruction from within.
 he has only his interest in mind.
To go against God and we are his pawns whom he sacrifices, without grief, conscience or hesitation. 

I think about sins which have become "normal" to me.   Just for starters:  being self-righteous, judgmental, gossip, lie, lazy, not being a good steward, not "as I live, living my life totally for Him.  How often do I excuse my sin rather than "clean the polluting evil from my company"?  How often do I listen to the prompting (sometimes forceful) of The Holy Spirit and repent?

There is such Hope in Him, for I am covered with The Blood of Christ.   My sins have/are forgiven, but this doesn't give me free reign to allow sin in my life. To let it become "normal". God doesn't tolerate sin - He can not for He is Holy.

I am so thankful I belong to a God who wants only my best for me. I am so thankful for my Christ, my Savior, who has "cleaned the polluting evil from ,my company".  I am so thankful for The Holy Spirit, my Helper.   His Word. Our own personal love letter from Him.  Our manual so to speak.

As I strive to be more like Him, for all the times I do fail - He doesn't.  He has "washed me whiter than snow" - with His blood. He has removed the cancer from my within.

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