Saturday, June 18, 2016

“ABBA Father” - 06/18/16 - I Kings 10-11, 2 Chronicles 9

"Praise be to The LORD, your God, who has delighted in you" (I Kings 10:9)

Although the Queen of Sheba gave praise to The Lord, the language of politeness in the ancient world does not necessarily suggest she was converted.  It was a custom for visiting dignitaries to customarily praise the god of the host nation. 

It could be after listening to all the wisdom Solomon shared, the Queen of Sheba, - she missed it.  
That she didn't get it. 

Tomorrow we will be celebrating Father's Day and I am reminded in Scripture there are many different names used to describe God. While all the names of God are important in many ways, the name “Abba Father” is one of the most significant names of God in understanding how He relates to people. The word ABBA is an Aramaic word that would most closely be translated as “Daddy.” It was a common term that young children would use to address their fathers. It signifies the close, intimate relationship of a father to his child, as well as the childlike trust that a young child puts in his “daddy.”

It is such a blessing to know when talking about ABBA - you KNOW - without doubt -

He is.
Your God. 

"Your" God. 

Up close and personal.  Not distant and superficial.

"Your" ABBA.  "Your" Daddy.
And in Christ, "you" are His.

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