Thursday, June 02, 2016

"Ever Brighter" - 06/02/16 - Proverbs 4-6

"But the path of the just is like the shining sun,
that shines ever brighter unto the perfect day.."(4:18)

This has been one of the most perfect springs I can ever remember being given.  Our ABBA has given us the pleasure of cooler temps, rains to refresh, sunshine to bask in, and His colors are.  WOW.

In previous years, when questioned what was my favorite season, summer was always the one I checked off.  As I am growing older, my physical body is enjoying the season of spring.  In my spiritual growth, I am enjoying the hope each spring represents with new growth after the slumber of winter.  It seems each spring brings me a greater awareness of those about me and the passing of time.

For the past eight years we have met on Wednesday nights with part of our family.  On most Thursdays I am meeting with my sisters.  We are digging in and studying His Word.  Chewing and consuming it.  Placing it into our hearts and minds.  These persons make up my family.  His family bonded forever together through The Blood of our Savior.

 Each week I sit in wonderment of those He has blessed into my life and heart.  Our home is bursting at the seams with The Gift of Wisdom He has placed within these siblings of mine.  How much I have learned, am learning, will learn from each one of them. 

One woman, before her health started to decline, I found I was always delighting in His words from her lips each week.

She isn't very big, she has lived longer on this earth and experienced more than myself or the others.  But upon reading this verse today, I instantly thought of her. 

She isn't growing dimmer with the years, she is growing brighter.  The Light of our ABBA is shinning out through her eyes so brightly, they twinkle.  Her gentle smile has taken on the one from our Savior.  Her whole demeanor is filled with quiet, yet strong, grace.  Looking at her is looking at "the full light of day". 

I think about how she has lived up to the name her parents gave her.  Ruby. 
She literally sparkles, just like a rare, perfect, beautiful jewel in our ABBA's  crown.  Invaluable.

There are so many others in my life who have walked many steps. Others whom I delight in being around and gleaning from their life as they walk "in" His steps. 
Ones who live so opposite of others their age who have decided to sit back and wait for their time to end. The ones who have decided to make living all about themselves.  Missing out on many opportunities because they have decided to continually look inward and not outward. 

I don't want to be the dim light of the sun just before it slips below the horizon.  I desire to allow Him to shine through me "shining ever brighter till the full light of day", no matter my age. 

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