Tuesday, June 14, 2016

"We Belong" - 06/14/16 - 1 Kings 9; 2 Chronicles 8

"Solomon brought Pharaoh's daughter up from the City of David to the palace he had built for her, for he said,
"My wife must not live in the palace of David king of Israel,
because the places the ark of The LORD has entered are Holy." (2 Chronicles 8:11)
His wife couldn't live in the palace because she was not of the chosen people.  an outsider.

I smile knowing - one day my ABBA will come for His. 
Jesus has went on ahead and prepared a room for each one of us.  In His Father's house.

We will not be living on the outside looking across the way. 
We have a room "in" His House.
Because we belong to Him. 
For eternity. 

The Bride of Christ.  Yes, we are. 


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