Saturday, June 25, 2016

"Strengthened" - 06/25/16 - I Kings 20-21

"Go, strengthen yourself and observe and see what you have to do" (20:22)

In the scripture given to me today, I recognize how often ABBA has given me so many others to help strengthen me along with His Word and my intimate relationship with Him.  Often times while out,  I will cross paths with my  "siblings".  With each bright eyed greeting, hug, and catch up conversations, I came away "strengthened" and reinforced in how much He loves me through others.

I look around and see how He showers me continually with love from others.  His "showers" give me emotional and spiritual  nourishment needed for walking in this journey. 

I also need reinforcement for the physical strengthening.
These past two afternoons I have been blessed in the time spent with our grandson, Charles.  He is "six and a half", and there are many memories I want to make with he, Ella, and other future grandchildren,  as we grow older.  Yesterday, I introduced him to fishing for the first time.  Even though I never got my pole out of the back of the truck, it was one of the most enjoyable days of fishing I have ever spent.  The fish he kept pulling in, fit in the palm of my hand, were small but mighty little fighters.  And when they weren't attacking his bait, he was checking out the tons and tons of frogs living in the pond.

 ABBA has given me this body and I have abused it with the wrong foods.  With too much food and not enough exercise. There are so many activities I am wanting to do, but the body isn't able.  And mostly because I have/am not taking care of His temple in a proper manner. 

  All of us in Christ have been commissioned to "go and make disciples".  It is the toughest job we will ever do.  A job we must strengthen ourselves and be prepared.  At the ready for  all The Divine Appointments He sets up for us.  And this includes our physical body.

The ladies group I am in, His Beloved, is being led to not only grow in our spiritual and mental lives, but our physical as well.  We are being convicted about the foods we consume.  How we exercise and keep our "temples" in shape.  We have learned taking care of His temple is as important as taking care of all other aspects of our "self". 

 Just as I need help from His family to strengthen myself in my spiritual, emotional walk, I need help for my physical.  He has helped me in how He provided His family for all of us to draw strength from Him through. I pray He is using me as His vessel to help strengthen others as well. 

For there is strength in numbers.  And I love being one of His "numbers". 


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