Monday, June 20, 2016

"HIS Word" - 06/20/16 - I Kings 12-14

"What's your counsel? (12:6)


We speak them.  Hear them.  Absorb them.  Avoid them. 


A combination of letters, given meaning. 

Fascinating when you think about it.  How He has given us the gift of communication.  How we are able to understand, comprehend, relay, share. 

All with the power of words.

Even sign language, charades, other means of communicating, are based on words. 

He has given us the life changing, heart transforming gift of His Words - The Bible.  Our own personal love letter from ABBA.

I think about all the blood, sweat, tears, joy, sacrifices, which came about from giving us this Gift.  And how often do we take it for granted?  How often do we not make it a priority to absorb in our daily walk?  When I used to clean homes, a client had a large coffee table Bible sitting on a table in their upper family room.  One day it was in their downstairs living area and I was excited thinking that someone had actually opened it up and read The Word.  My client was upset that it had been moved and asked me to put it back.  It was the only Bible I ever saw in that home.  I was the only one, except that one time, who touched it - and that was to keep it dusted. 

His Word - our promise to receive Wisdom as we absorb it.  His Word - is it what you base your counsel on?  Or counsel from your own self?  When you go to others for advice, comfort, encouragement, accountability, is their counsel based in His Word?  Are you striving to become Chistlike - example after example given to us through His Word, or are you emulating another human instead?


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