Thursday, June 16, 2016

"Endless Buffet" - 06/16/16 - Ecclesiastes 1-6

"We work to feed our appetites; Meanwhile our souls go hungry"(6:7)
All across our country you see them.  Signs advertising the promises. 
All you can eat buffets. 
All you can eat. 
For a price.
Curt loves a great buffet.  I can take or leave them.  I find upon entering a door of one, I instantly turn into a cow and need to fill all four digestive departments inside my newly expanded stomach.  Upon leaving, I usually feel miserable.  And vow never to eat at such an establishment again.
It isn't that there is anything wrong with a buffet.  Food is one of my weaknesses and I know buffet's are a temptation for me.  Striving for moderation.
There is one "all you can eat" buffet I do not walk away from miserable after consuming the meat.
His Word.
It is the only "food" I consume which satisfies my soul.

Do you take time to "eat" of Him and His Word each day? 
Is your time spent with Him a priority? 
Moment by moment? 

How I have come to love taking time with Him each morning and listen to Him speak to me through His Word. He causes me to be more aware of Him, His ways. His Word sustains me and I find myself "chewing" on what He has given me throughout my day. My conversation (prayers) are the dessert I partake of. My eyes are open to the Divine Appointments He has set up for  me. 
I love how He feeds my soul from His endless buffet.  His Word.
I pray for all to enjoy their soul being fed - not only today - but for always - with His Food.


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