Friday, August 29, 2014

"ABBA Knew" - 07/23/14 - Isaiah 31-34

My people will live in a peaceful neighborhood - in safe houses, in quiet gardens. (32:18)

For the past few weeks, much of my free time has been spent working on making Adam's new house a home. It has been a bonding time between the two of us, even with a couple of moments of a little tension! Bonding time with his friends who are helping out. I am so blessed with the relationships I share with our children. I am so blessed to work each day with not only my boyfriend/husband, but our oldest son. It was an added perk working as the four of us, when Nichalas/Amber were home.

Working today, I thought about how neat it is our ABBA knew, from the beginning of time, I would be on a ladder, in our Adam's home. Discovering bits of old wallpapers and wondering about the previous owners. Who they were, their taste (which seems to have run into the flower theme), how old it was. Within each room I have been working, I have also been praying over the areas that will one day house memories. Nails, boards, walls, floors, all creating a place where he will be living. I have prayed over his bedroom, for he and, God willing, his bride. It has brought a grin thinking about little feet belonging to neighboring pieces of our hearts, coming up on his front porch, stretching up on tiptoes to ring his bell. Praying for moments when these little ones will one day play with his future children. As I have washed down walls, I have also bathed them with prayers for those who will be sharing time together within them. For the hedge of ABBA to be about this place, inside and out.
And even though there is plaster coming down, subfloors being ripped up, no furniture, no food, no clothes, no personal belongings, each day it is feeling more and more like his temporary "home", while here in this life.

What joy there is knowing ABBA is setting up residency.
What peace there is feeling Him here. Amongst us. No matter what walls we are within.

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