Friday, August 29, 2014

"Three Years" - 08/06/14 - Zephaniah 1-3

They'll make their home in God. This core holy people will not do wrong. They won't lie, won't use words to flatter or seduce. Content with who they are and where they are, unanxious, they'll live at peace." So sing, Daughter Zion! Raise the rafters, Israel! Daughter Jerusalem, be happy! celebrate! (3:12-14)

Today marks the third year anniversary of Mr/Mrs Nichalas Holtschlag!!!!!!

It is in moments of feeling sorry for myself that I find myself with a lump in my throat and the ache in my heart is more pronounced. Thankfully ABBA reminds me of how happy they are, how He is using them where they are planted, and I am able to refocus onto Him.

He shows me that they love where they live, their jobs. How much they love and are involved with their church. Their mission field each day they go to work as teachers to so many of "their kids".

How content they are.

He shows me that Adam is living life the same as well. He has made his first loan payment on his home and still isn't living there. There are rooms gutted down to the studs, rooms still needing to be cleaned. It has been a blessing to work with him making his house into his home.

What peace I have in knowing ABBA knows exactly how I feel. How I struggle with not having all our kids here close by and yet at the same time am excited and happy in how/where they are being Warriors for Him.

My comfort is knowing - without a doubt - no matter where they are living -
He shows me that our children have made their "home" in God.

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