Friday, August 29, 2014

"Like a Blanket" - 07/18/14 - Isaiah 23-27

Through the night my soul longs for You. Deep from within me my spirit reaches out to You. (26:9)

While working at Adam's yesterday, I was reminded again of what living in the city was like. Bits of conversations drifted in with His cool breeze through the open windows. Children laughing across the alley, as they played. The one side of a woman's conversation who stood talking on her cell phone from her front porch. A man talking and walking his dog. Life was going on about this little house I was helping make into a home for our son. At a little after six I set out for the home of His Family only six houses down. There in their living room I was surrounded by my beautiful sisters, "His Beloved". We dug into His Word, we opened up our hearts, we grew. He worked the soil of our hearts and souls. 
As I returned to my car in front of Adam's, it was now dark. The neighborhood was quiet, settling in for the night. I smiled as I walked past the home on the corner, knowing inside were three pieces of my heart. Praying not only for them, but the houses up and down the block.
His love covered me, His joy overflowed within me, as the darkness covered the homes like a blanket. I had forgotten the peace of walking through a sleeping place filled with people lined up next to each other. People who ABBA has placed our Adam in the midst of. People who are part of our Divine Appointments. It's so exciting to think ahead to those He has lined up to be part of our journey here.
"Through the night my soul longs for You. Deep from within me my spirit reaches out to You."- there on that sidewalk - He covered me as the night light covered the people around me.

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