Friday, August 29, 2014

"My True Husband" - 08/07/14 - Jeremiah 1-3

God's Decree. "I, yes I, am your true husband. I'll pick you out one by one - This one from the city, these two from the country - and bring you to Zion. (3:14)


I love this strong word. This word that flows gently from your depths as you speak it.
My "true husband" who will fill every single need and desire I have. My provider, comforter, protector, leader. He who will treasure and cherish me. My "true husband" who will love me more than I can possible comprehend. More than I can ever love Him in the same depth. Unconditionally. Pure. Holy.

My "true husband" who has chosen and picked me out. To be His bride. To take me home to our Zion.

Husband - he who tills the soil.
My "true husband" who tills my heart to grow it into more like His.

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