Friday, August 29, 2014

"Freedom Isn't Free" - 04/07/14 - 2 Kings 9-11

"So thankful for these temps! Wore jeans last night to the softball game and the windows are still open. How much I love hearing His birds! Perfect weekend set up for Curt - today and tomorrow will be on the golf course. Marty is heading back to New York today - praying he has been touched by ABBA these days of visiting. Amber is heading towards Chicago with her sister, Brandi, for the weekend at their cousin's. Praying for all of them to have safe... travel. Not sure what all Adam and Nichalas have planned. I am thankful for their time together, as they miss seeing each other every day. Looking forward to when our AZ kids become Quincy kids. 

I am excited to be working in our yard today. The guys have been clearing brush along the drive and the area is now crying out for flowers! So thankful ABBA has placed me in the USA. While reading the verses today, all the war caused me to be aware of the blessings we have in our freedoms. 

Freedom which came at the cost of much blood, sweat, tears, from those who served our country. For those men and women, their families, I am so grateful. Praying you have a safe and blessed day celebrating our Freedom. Freedom in living in the USA and Eternal Freedom living in our ABBA

Eternal Freedom we receive at the cost of our Savior. No greater LOVE.

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