Friday, August 29, 2014

"The Uptmost Importance" - 06/30/14 - 2 Chronicles 19-23

his mother training him in evil ways(22:3)

There are times when looking back, I begin to focus more on the things I did incorrectly than what I did right in regard to being a mom. or a wife. or a Christian. or any other role I have been given.
But then there are times, more often, my ABBA reminds me I did do the most important thing as a mom. I introduced and trained up our sons to intimately know their ABBA. Yesterday, after Sunday School class, I went into the hallway and there was such a nice surprise. Our Nichalas. He and Amber (who had just left for a shower) attended first service together and he was going to attend second with us and them hang out at our home until Amber came to pick him up. We were sitting in service and Adam walked in with Marty and Michele.

I spent my time in communion praising ABBA for being so much bigger than all - yes all - of my many mistakes.

How our ABBA so blesses. So thankful He is in complete control. Praying you enjoy this Monday - the last day of June. 2014 is half way over. As you walk through this journey, He has given you the gift of training up someone. Be it for a season or a lifetime. He has put you into the life of someone - praying you are training them up for Him.

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