Friday, August 29, 2014

"No Problem" - 08/20/14 - Habakkuk 1-3

The problem as God gave Habakkuk to see it (1:1)

Today is the first time I really picked up on this verse. "The problem "as God gave" Habakkuk to see it.

It hit me that "the problem" isn't the problem itself, "the problem" is me. I have taken the "problem" as God gave me to see it, taken my focus off of ABBA and turned it onto me. I stop looking at people, things, events, happenings, through His eyes and look through my own.

That is the point of the real problem - I begin to take "problems" personal.

ABBA has been hitting me over and over the head - life is not all about "me". It's about Him and how He needs me to be for His Glory. Not my own.

It is when I see the world through His eyes I am able to truly enjoy the Fruits of The Spirit. To endure all that is heaped upon me. To see the blessings through the "problems". It is when I am able to see a rainbow in the midst of a storm. Any storm.

The rains this week have really played havoc on our work schedule and changed our normal work plans into working over at Adam's. I could get anxious, but am not. Instead, He is letting me see this time together, readying Adam's home is a blessing. Even in the rubble of plaster, lathe, dirt, dust, nails and more nails, sore muscles (major awareness of no more youth), there is a joy in the memories we are creating.
Monday, we uncovered a sheet of the Quincy Journal on the plaster dated August 15, 1910. I found it fascinating ABBA had us uncover something that had been buried for 104 years and FOUR days. It led me to think about all the memories made within these walls, in the yard out back, and pray for those to come (God willing) which Adam would be creating on his own. As I was taking debris to the dumpster out back, music from within the neighbors window was flowing through the air. It was a praise song. A worship song.

I smiled and offered up thanks for ABBA also providing part of His family in the home next door.

 Yet another rainbow.............
"I'm singing joyful praise to God. I'm turning cartwheels of joy to my Savior God!"(3:18)

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