Monday, April 30, 2012

"When I am old(er) and gray(er) - 04/30/12 - 2 Sam 19:32

"Barzillai was a very old man—eighty years old! He had supplied the king's needs all the while he was in Mahanaim since he was very wealthy."(2 Sam 19:32)

I have a very dear friend, Wilma, who is 82 and has been widowed for a number of years.  This past summer she and another lady went to Morocco to visit her granddaughter.  Wilma is always on the go for Him.  She is always finding ways to utilize her time, gifts, and talents for Him. 

This is what I pray for.....that I will choose to utilize me for Him - up to the last moment.  The biggest difference I see when looking at some of the elderly is their focus.  When you speak with Wilma it is about Him, opportunities she has been given and taken, she is almost always smiling or laughing.  She delights in life. 

I pray I  become like that.  I so pray that my face will always reveal the delight and laughter that is in my soul because I stay focused on Him.  I am not concerned anymore about what is my purpose here in life.  It has finally connected that my purpose isn't about "all my life", but "my minutes in life".  My purpose is to "go and make disciples" matter my age! 

So many places in scripture God gives us the ages of people.  In the old testament they are at times well into the 100's.  Can you imagine!  I am thinking if He can use Sarah and Abraham in their 80's/90's to parent the father of a nation - He'll be using me!! There isn't a valid excuse I can offer up to not be used. 

At times, I look at myself in the mirror and sometimes wince at the wrinkles and excess rolls of fat laying there.  Then He kicks me in the butt and has me really look.  Past the image in the mirror.  Into His eyes.  He is seeing His daughter - beautiful, fearfully, wonderfully made.  In His image. 

No matter my age.

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Dana Caley said...

Love this! Wilma is such a light. Because I have too had very few examples, (actually just one whom I didn't get to see nearly enough) of what it meant to be a godly woman, I too delight in God's provision through women like Wilma and the relationships I have gained through the body of Christ. Just yet another way he provides, improvising, always devising ways for us to succeed in living righteous lives for His glory.