Thursday, April 05, 2012

Really??? - Judges 16:1-18:31

"You took my god, the one I made" (Judges 18:21)

Sometimes, when you look beyond the sadness - you can't help but laugh at how stupid we are at times. The one good thing about this verse is it makes me realize how much God puts up with and forgives because of how much He loves me.

"I made a god that you could come along and take."

Doesn't say much about how powerful it is.

I think about my God - the one who has been here before anything - the one who created all of this - including me (the one who made a god). Just touching the ark when it was falling (2 Sam 6:1-11), caused the death of Uzzah. There was proper procedure for the priest to enter into the Holy of Holy - or they would die. Moses - who God spoke to as men do face to face - could not see His face - or he would die.

I am so thankful that my God is one who no one can come along and "take". That I - a messed up human - did not "make". Tomorrow represents the day which Christ died on the cross.

My God was not "taken" to the cross against His will - He went on His own Freewill. He went because He is a Living God - one who can feel. Not something made out of wood or stone. He went because He feels love for me - for all of us. Even those who "make" their own gods and choose not to follow Him. He died not only for me and others who follow Him - He died for those who don't.

Because He is a God that rose again in three days.

He is My Living God in every sense.

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Julia said...

Very fitting for Good Friday Deb.
It is so hard to fathom the pain and suffering He went through for us,and paying the ultimate price for our sins. It brings me to my knees to know He loves me that much. God Bless everyone during this Easter weekend celebrating Him!