Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Courage" - 04/27/12 - 2 Sam 12:26-31, 1 Chron 20:2-3, 2 Sam 13:1-14:33

Courage! You can do it!" "We all die sometime. Water spilled on the ground can't be gathered up again. But God does not take away life. He works out ways to get the exile back." (2 Sam 13:28, 14:13-14)

All day yesterday, while mowing, I prayed and God cleansed my heart.  How so very mighty is He. 

God did one amazing thing.  He cleansed me.  He has been "washing" from me all anger and bitterness these past few months and yesterday it was like He put me through the rinse cycle!  All that was left in my heart was total forgiveness.  Just as in His heart He has total forgiveness for me. 

I just kept coming back to this verse.  The past is exactly that - the past.  It is, "Water spilled on the ground can't be gathered up again".  God reminded me through this verse that, "But God does not take away life. He works out ways to get the exile back".  Just as I was once an exile. 

With God all things are possible.

"God works out ways to get the exile back". 

So clearly I see that His cleansing my heart is one of, "His ways". 

I  continue to pray every day for Him to use me. 

To have "courage" In Him.


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Julia said...

I am so glad you had the courage to listen to God's voice and step out on faith. You are right, we never know how much longer we have each other on this earth.I am glad I listened to God's nudge telling me I needed to go see my father. According to my sister he had not been himself since Thanksgiving. I drove straight through from Texas to Quincy on a Monday. He was good on Tuesday and we had scheduled a doctors appt. on Wed. and the doctor said he was fine, but I insisted on testing him further. Thursday was Christmas so no testing could be done, but he scheduled a CAT scan for Friday morning due to the changes we had all observed in his mental status. On Christmas all the kids and grandkids came for the annual Christmas dinner, and dad was having a great day! He even ate a huge meal which he had not been doing. That evening I sat next to him in his room and read his nightly prayers with him, something I will always cherish. The next morning as I was helping him get ready for the CAT scan and he collapsed. I called for my sister Cathy to call 911. As we were all waiting in the "family room" at the ER, I had a feeling something was not right. As I turned the corner to the room he was in I could see that the curtains had been pulled totally around. Working in the ER for ten years,I just knew. By this time all of my siblings had followed me, anxious as well. When we pulled back the curtain they were performing CPR and using the defibrillator on my dad.I was on the outside looking in this time, a totally different perspective for an ER nurse. At a certain point I knew he was gone, you just know. The doctor and nurses were all looking towards me and saying the same, just without words. I turned to my youngest brother Mike and said, tell them to stop, he's gone. I will never forget that moment. The other thing I realized at that moment was that 27 years prior we were all at the same place where our mother died. My parents were united again,dancing and celebrating with each other and their parents. They were altogether with their heavenly father!
Sorry I went off there for a moment, but the story of your dad reminded me of mine. Enjoy the time you have with both of your parents, and cherish each moment.