Saturday, April 14, 2012

Facing Giants - I Sam 17:32-19:17, Psalm 59, I Sam 19:18-24

 I can always count on you—
God, my dependable love.(Psalms 59:17)

How much David loved God.  I never really thought about how his world was turned upside down in such a short time.  He went from being the "runt" son, the shepherd boy to a warrior and son-in-law of the king.  From being out in the wilderness, alone for long amounts of time, to being in the company of armies, royalty, the king himself.  He went from fighting bears and lions to killing men. 

I doubt in his wildest dreams did he ever envision his life becoming as it did.  And that he himself would be a king.

Throughout it all though, he loved, loved God.

In telling Saul of killing the lion and bear, I don't feel he was bragging.  He was protecting his sheep, even laying his own life down.   Just as he was protecting the name of God.  David loved deeply.  Sometimes, I get so caught up in the story of David that I miss out on the emotional side of him until I get into the Psalms.  Reading of all the warfare causes me to forget that he was a man of great compassion and love.  Just wanting to bring honor to God and getting caught up in the drama of life. 

Saul was a crazy man and David still gave him honor because he knew that Saul was one of God's chosen.  It takes a great man to not take things personal and stay focused on God.  What an example for me to carry in my heart as I go forth and come up against giants.  It helps to put things in perspective in a big way.....I mean really how many nine foot men do I come up against, or a "friend" throwing spears at me?  Don't get me wrong - I'm not saying that some of the things we have to deal with in our lives are just as serious - but we sometimes take every single thing and make it into a big deal.  Mountains out of molehills.  Through it all - David drew strength and stood firm in knowing that God was his dependable love.

The part of these verses that stood out to me the most was Jonathan.  This was probably one of the first times that David had felt this overwhelmed and God blessed him with a friendship.  It doesn't seem as though David received much support from his brothers, his father called him the "runt", he had a wife who loved him, a father-in-law that did/didn't.

I am so thankful that my "Jonathan" is my husband, Curt. He has been with me to face giants for 30 years now and I pray for a minimum of another 50.  It wasn't until the last couple of years that our walks have finally come together as one in Him.  We were talking about this the other morning and realized that was also the time Curt started reading his Bible almost every day.  He said that when he misses a day his mood, outlook and everything is out of sorts.  I pray that people will come to know how essential His Word is.  The "Blogging through The Word" isn't about getting numbers for me - it's about teaching and reaching one by one, as Paul did in his ministry.  It is so amazing what the ripple effect is for one person.  Can you imagine how the world would be changed if we were all in His Word?

I pray that people will come to know how essential His Word is.

To face and overcome the giants.

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