Friday, April 06, 2012

Good Friday - Judges 19:1-21:25

At that time there was no king in Israel. People did whatever they felt like doing.(Judges 21:25)

Throughout the readings of Judges, I have not enjoyed it.  There has been such ugliness.   I have such incredible sorrow in how people are outside of God.  So many of the verses seem to ring true of today.  I have been thinking all day on the verses and didn't really hear what He wanted me to know.  My focus was about the status of the people, their sins, the way the world was.  The mistreatment of the women, the way people would "bend" the laws to suit their desires, how they would make a vow and change things up so they wouldn't lose face.  And again, I am reminded of how we humans really haven't come that far over the years.

I was really depressed by the verses today.  I think about the world and how it is can be so discouraging.  That was my focus when I was absorbing His Word today. 

Curt and I mowed until dark tonight.  I pray that everyone stopped and looked up at His wonder.  The moon was absolutely beautiful.  Hanging up there larger than normal, and so bright it almost hurt your eyes to look at it.  And yet you couldn't take your eyes away from it. 

And then it hit me. 

One night in a garden, far away from Quincy, Il - kneeled a man.  A man who was wrestling with the greatest journey He would ever, ever have to take.  A man who was in communion with His Father.   A man who knew all the sin in this world, and still loved each and every soul that lived and will live.   

It hit me.

That man who looked up at the same moon as I was, how so very much He loves me.  How His Daddy was going to separate Himself from His Son - for me.  The heartbreak they were going through in that garden.  A man who made the choice to separate Himself from His Father so I may be with Him for always.  For all who chose to take Him as their Savior. 

The King of Kings.

It hit me.

He took all the ugliness in Judges and made it beautiful.

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