Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Enough is enough - Judges 9:22 - 11:28

"They just walked off and left God, quit worshiping Him." (Judges10:7)

When I read these verses, my instant thoughts are how can anyone just walk off and leave God.  It dumbfounds me that anyone could live life without Him.  Such self-righteous and holy thoughts. 
I do walk off and leave Him, quit worshiping Him each and every time I choose to put "me" before Him.  A sin is a sin - it still separates us from Him.  Only because I am in Christ am I saved - again the grace and mercy covering.  He is transforming my heart to not be so judgemental and self-righteous to those outside of Christ.  Instead I am looking at them with compassion, sorrow, fear for them, and Christlike love.  It isn't always my first choice! 

Tonight while spraying on a commercial property, I had my hose laying across the road as I went from side to side.  A car slipped up on me and I had to hurry over and move my hose.  The driver was a woman who has the personality of a turd.  Over the past 10 years that I have had to deal with her, I have made it a conscience effort to smile, be nice and pleasant.  I have tried putting myself in her place, giving her the benefit of the doubt that her life is not a very happy  one, etc.  As she drove by me, I waved and smiled.  She just gave me the once over look and drove by.  No wave, no smile - just rudeness.  At first I was really angry.  How dare she reject me like that - again.  And then He started to work His magic.  It wasn't about her and me - it's about Him and me.  Am I glorifying Him in all that I say or do?  So what if she rejects me - bottom line - am I waving for His glory or mine. 

I was able to pray for her in only five minutes this time!  Every day I strive for immediate.  This led me to think what little I know of her life.  And others who live outside of Christ.  It caused me to think of how our world is in self-destructive mode. I can hear God telling us, ""When they oppressed you and you cried out to me for help, I saved you from them. And now you've gone off and betrayed Me, worshiping other gods. I'm not saving you anymore. Go ahead! Cry out for help to the gods you've chosen—let them get you out of the mess you're in!" (Judges 12-14) 

At what point in today's world is He going to say, "Enough is enough"? 

It scares me.  Not for myself - I'm in Christ and covered.  I have fear for those outside.  Those who are living a life totally focused on self.  How thankful I am that God protects me under His umbrella, that I am am safe from just how dark sin really is.  My heart is breaking though, knowing that there are persons living in such a dark, empty, sin filled world.  It motivates me to try and introduce them to Him.  To introduce them to a world that is full, safe and pure.  A world that is Him. 
So many societies have self-destructed because they have walked away from God.  America is a good place to be on this world.  I pray for our future leaders, for the media, for people walking down the street. 
I pray He will use me to reach the masses.............before it is too late.

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