Sunday, April 01, 2012

What's in a name? - Judges 3:31-6:40

Have you ever searched out the meaning of your name? of others name? It's ironic at times how a person can be identified with the meaning of their name. Most persons are named well before their character is formed. The name Deborah means Queen Bee. The origin is Hebrew.

(Judges 3:4-5) Deborah was unique among the women, and men, of Bible History in that she was prophetess, a judge and a military leader all in one - a powerful triple combination of authority and responsibility held by only two other Israelites, Moses and Samuel. Over the centuries, the name Deborah has been one of the more popular names for girls and has been appreciated for its association with the hard work, persistence, and importance to society for which bees are known. That is quite a name to live up to!

I don't see myself as a prophet in the Biblical sense. I do know my future is with Him. I do know that He is "I AM" and that covers everything. A judge - oh yes, at times I can be quite judgemental,self righteous, ready to sentence and condemn. And then there is a military leader. I have lead myself into my fair share of battles that my choices have gotten me into. No - I fall short when it comes to the name of Deborah.

"Don't be impatient with me, but let me say one more thing." (Judges 6:39)

How many times has this been me with God? I try to convince myself that I'm not bossy, I just have better ideas. Unfortunately, this is a name I do live up to often. How many, many times instead of being submissive to Him - "I say one more thing". I would be shocked if I could really see how God would handle my boldness without Christ intervening for me. The "Queen Bee" runs through me.

I know in scriptures we are told that one day God will be giving us a new name. Sometimes, I wonder what it will be- English or one that I can't spell let alone pronounce!

Until then - Deby it is.

When I think of my name being "Deby", it doesn't seem to fit - I don't "feel" like a Deby. Because it was so common, I shared it with 8 other girls in my class, I never really cared for it. Which is how spelling - Deby - came about.

Christian - Follower of Christ.

This is a name I pray I am known as. It is my hearts desire that persons don't see me, they only see Christ. I know I fall short at living up to this name too. It's only because of Him that I stand a chance to be able to. 

Praise Him for His mercy, grace and guidance.

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