Sunday, January 06, 2013

"Where are you settled in?" - ‎01/06/13 - Genesis 18:1-21:7

"Lot was dragging his feet." (19:16)         

Lot has went from pitching his tents near Sodom to living in this city of flagrant sinners.  And even after being told that it was going to be destroyed - to run and get out - he drug his feet.

The spiritual leadership role he neglected cost him his wife, who looked back, and the moral choices of his daughters.  His grandsons through them were his sons.  His choice of "settling in with sin" cost him a price that affected generations even today. 

"Then God said, “Shall I keep back from Abraham what I’m about to do? Abraham is going to become a large and strong nation; all the nations of the world are going to find themselves blessed through him. Yes, I’ve settled on him as the one to train his children and future family to observe God’s way of life, live kindly and generously and fairly, so that God can complete in Abraham what he promised him.” (18:17-19)

Scary what different choices persons from the same family can make - the lives they live.  Curt and I are so thankful that our sons follow Him.  We continue to pray that their relationship with God grows more intimate with each passing day, that He will be seen through them and their lives.  This isn't a prayer for our glory as parents.  We pray it for our future grandchildren and the generations to come.  We pray it so that all who come into contact with them will have the opportunity to know God.  I am often reminded that people living the Christlike life are the only "Bible" the lost will read. 

We come from families that are divided because of choices.  There are many that are in bewilderment because when asked why, they really don't know.  And then when finding out the reason or reasons, you wonder, "really".  When I became a parent, I made the choice to limit the contact of our sons with unhealthy atmospheres.  It was more important to protect them, than to submit to the peer pressure.  Curt and I were talking about this after dropping Adam at the airport today.  Even though today the boys aren't close to their extended family, God has provided a Christian extended family. 

Wherever they have moved, one of their top priorities is finding a church to attend.  Whenever they stay with us, they are in church with us.  We discuss the scriptures, we pray together, we hold each other accountable in Him.  This didn't just happen.  It came about because of where we "settled" our lives. 

Our home is "settled in"  in His home. 

I am getting better about looking at the positive in my parenting.  Instead of guilting or beating myself up over what I did/didn't do correctly, I am now trying to focus on the positives.  The positives that are seen in my fruits.  Our sons and their choices. 

One of the many promises I stand on is, "Yes, I’ve settled on Deby as the one to train her children and future family to observe God’s way of life, live kindly and generously and fairly, so that God can complete in Deby what I promised her.” (18:17-19)  It isn't by chance that I am blessed with Adam and Nichalas.  God planned for them to be my sons.  How thankful I am that I made the choice to raise them up in Him.  That He has walked beside me and continues to in this role He gave me.  How exciting to think of the lives that will be harvested for His Kingdom throughout the years, because of the choices Curt and I made. 

Not for my glory, but for His.


Julia said...

You are truly blessed to have Curt as such a strong spiritual leader in your family, and the committment you have both made to keep Christ the center of your family. I have prayed and prayed that one day Joel will "see the light", and become the spiritual leader of our household. I realized long ago that I could not wait on him, that I had to step up when the children were small and take over that role and lay the foundation of Christ in their lives. Believe me,it was not easy, and it was not done alone, and I was definitely not perfect in any way. I have had friends, family, preachers etc. helping along the way, and I am so thankful for the people God has placed in our path. In the meantime I just continued to pray for Joel. A small side story here... I had been wanting an inground pool for years, and it HAD to have a waterfall of some sort,(I know, seems a bit extravagant). Wanting probably is not a strong enough word, desperate might be more accurate. Living in the Texas heat and out in "the country" I really felt it was important for us to have a place for our kids and their friends to hang out, and what better place than our home. Joel would promise, then go back on his promise over and over. Joel apeased me over the years with an upgrade of above ground pools, but it never seemed right. It was like a nagging in my soul that we had to have this pool. Well 22 years had passed and while visiting my dad when he was sick, Joel finally gave into the notion. There was a trade-off as usual, there always is with Joel, so he traded one boat for his "dream" fishing boat, I turned the title to the red VW bug I had won a few years earlier over to him, and I in turn got my inground pool complete with a rock waterfall! Now married almost 28 years come this April, about 3 years ago our friend and pastor had asked to host his end of the school year youth party at our home. We said yes of course, and made it a big bbq and celebration for the kids and a thank you to Randy and his wife for all they had done. Now Randy and Shauna we have known since before we were married, so this made the next part even extra special. He announced that he wanted to use pool to baptize a oouple of HS students, and that Joel had come to him asking to be baptized as well. I was overjoyed,and will remember that special day forever as our friends, the youth, and both of my boys were there to witness the event. That was a very special day,and since then Randy has brought two other people here to be baptized. Each and everyday I look out back and see the pool I am reminded of HIM, of HIS faithfulness, and that everything is done in HIS perfect timing. I am settled in the fact that each day Joel looks out back, and walks by the pool which is everyday as he walks to the shop he will be reminded of that day, and his committment to HIM! One day Joel will grow in his decision to trust in HIM, and turn his life completely over to HIM, but in HIS time! Until then,I have to trust in HIM, and have faith in HIM! God Bless!

deby said...

I feel we lived the same life - minus the pool! Curt didn't become the spiritual leader in our home until just a few years ago. How God helped me through the many, many battles we had over the boys. Curt always said I was walking around them with a safety net. About five years ago, God pretty much told me to "shut up" and take a break from my involvement with the church. The only thing I felt I was to do was lead winter Bible Study. Looking back, I don't know if my extra involvement made him feel left out or what, but I did as led. How I have been shown it is about God's time - not mine! We are now beginning our fourth year of hosting a Wed. nite Bible study in our home - Curt has been reading his Bible daily for quite some time. He is involved with church. He even holds the boys accountable about their reading and church involvement. We do many things for Him as a team now - volunteering, working with couples that are stuggling, our business, etc. He shared once that the only reason he got baptized was to shut me up. Instead of taking offense - I smile of how God used my flappy mouth for His glory! There are still many moments when I hear God saying, "shut up, step back, get out of my way" - but more moments of being a team In/for Him! His time - His way. Love that He enables us to see Him at work! Love you and so looking forward to spending time with you!