Tuesday, January 22, 2013

‎"What are your Answers?" - 01/22/13 - Job 12:1-14:22

“True wisdom and real power belong to God;
from Him we learn how to live,
and also what to live for." (12:13)

Our source to live - to get through this place we call earth - to bring along as many as we can, through Him, as we journey to Heaven. 

Too often we go to a source that flows with the motion, changing with the tides, and causing death rather than living.  It is only His Word that is total Truth, Alive, Proven.  It is only through His Word we learn True Wisdom and real power which belongs to God. 

"We learn how to live." 

You can get up Monday thru Friday, going to the same job, doing the same tasks.  Each weekend you can set back and spend your free time as you wish.  Unless your heart is in it, you really are doing nothing more than going through the motions.  You aren't living.

The same applies to your relationship with God.  How is it?  Are you totally "in love" with Him?  Is He your "bestest friend".  Do you find yourself reacting to Him as you would a crush?  Is He all you think about?  Do you await hearing from Him with bated breath?  Are you looking, acting your best for Him?  In case you run into Him unexpectedly?  Hoping to run into Him everywhere you step?

Or are you just doing lip service?  Are you a pew sitter - not part of the church family?  As they say, sitting in a garage doesn't make you a car.  Are you who He designed you to be - His love, His desire, His reason for sacrificing His Son! 

Are you getting this? 

Is His Word part of your daily life?  Is it chewed on and filling your heart so much that it completely transforms it?  Are you drinking Him in? 

Are you living? 

"Also", have you found out from Him what you are living for?  Are your steps leading to Him?  Leading others to Him?  Is He the reason you draw a breath?  Is He what you hold more dear than anything else? 

Is He your whole life? 

“True wisdom and real power belong to God;
from Him we learn how to live,
and also what to live for."

You have this promise, this gift, just sitting there - waiting for the taking. 

Why would you resist and settle on just going through the motions? 

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