Friday, January 25, 2013

"Still" - ‎01/24/13 - Job 19:1-21:34

"Still, I know that God lives."  (19:24)

STILL -  Only a five letter word - with so many definitions. Read them - slowly - thinking about our Lord, our Savior, The Holy Spirit. His Word. So many that apply to Job.

And I wonder - to me.

To you......

adjective, stiller-er, still-est
1. remaining in place or at rest; motionless; stationary:  to stand still.
2. free from sound or noise, as a place or persons; silent:  to keep still about a matter.
3. subdued or low in sound; hushed:  a still, small voice.
4. free from turbulence or commotion; peaceful; tranquil; calm:  the still air.
5. without waves or perceptible current; not flowing, as water.

6. stillness or silence:  the still of the night.
7. Photography.  a single photographic print, as one of the frames of a motion-picture film.

8. at this or that time; as previously:  Are you still here?
9. up to this time or that time; as yet:  A day before departure we were still lacking an itinerary.
10. in the future as in the past:  Objections will still be made.
11. even; in addition; yet (used to emphasize a comparative):  still more complaints; still greater riches.
12. even then; yet; nevertheless:  to be rich and still crave more.
13. without sound or movement; quietly:  Sit still!
14. at or to a greater distance or degree.
15. Archaic. steadily; constantly; always.

16. and yet; but yet; nevertheless:  It was futile, still they fought.

verb (used with object)
17. to silence or hush (sounds, voices, etc.).
18. to calm, appease, or allay:  to still a craving.
19. to quiet, subdue, or cause to subside (waves, winds, commotion, tumult, passion, pain. etc.).
verb (used without object)
22. to become still or quiet.
23. still and all, nonetheless; even with everything considered:  Even though you dislike us, still and all you should be polite.
 "Still, I know that God lives." (19:24)

This verse is where I fell in love with Job.

After all the pain, suffering, abandonment he was going through - "Still" - he believed.

In my life as I come across the elements of living, be it the joy of the rainbow during a rain storm, the bone chilling wind that sweeps across my path during a time when I am trying to keep my balance on the slippery ice.  My parched, dry throat while I wander through the desert, or the softness of the grass against my skin, as I lay down beside the still waters.  The way my eyes strain to see the end of the horizon, the end of the universe through the stars, as I stand on the mountain tops.  The way I feel when I am running through the meadow of life with Him, dancing with the butterflies, dipping our toes into the cool stream of water.  Swinging over and letting go of the rope as we fall into the deep, blue green waters.  The sounds of laughter as it tickles my ears.  The cleansing of my soul as tears fall from my eyes.

Do I "still" in all of living believe? 

He desires and commands us in many ways to be "still".  By being "still In Him", then -  only then -are we are able to truly love as He loves - unconditionally and without expectations.  To have our feet firmly planted in His "still" foundation.  True living for Him only works when we are completely "Still" in Him.


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