Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"What is my Focus" - ‎01/29/13 - Job 35:1-37:24

 “Take a long, hard look. See how great He is—infinite,
greater than anything you could ever imagine or figure out!"  (38:26)

My steps.  How often do they stop long enough to stop for more than a moment.  To stop and "take a long, hard look".  How often do I stop to "see how great He is - infinite, greater than anything I could ever imagine or figure out!"

Thankfully, I can say - often. 

I am in a season when I can breath.  I am able to stop and "smell the roses".  My mornings are spent studying His Word, digging in and becoming more intimate with my Abba.  My Daddy.  Because of that, I am focusing on His face, seeing Him wherever my steps take me. 


Thankfully, my line of work has me outside in His nature.  What a blessing that is.  To be working and stop.  To sit and look out across the horizon at His beauty - His greatness.  Be it the sky, the clouds, the animals, even His rocks.  His nature takes my breath away. 

But, even though I am able to stop - how often do I take all He has created for granted.  Do I treat His most treasured creation, man, without the honor He has commanded?  How often do I look past my brother or sister and focus on His nature?  Why is it that the formations of the clouds can take my breath away, but not the beauty of man?  How is it my heart will be moved by the sight of an animal with its young, but not the sight of man who walks outside of Him?  Or how a storm coming in that I will stand with my face into the winds, but I turn from the sight of man who is in a violent storm of life? 

Why at times do I find the greatness of His nature greater than His creation of man?   Why do I sometimes not even see man, when looking past them to give Him worship for His nature?

"Man" who is made in His image. 

"His" image.

We have been created to reflect the likeness of Him.

I must stop - and focus on Him, to be transformed into a vessel by Him to reach my fellow man who are lost.  To lead them to Him so they too may stop and know His greatness.

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