Saturday, March 03, 2012

03/03/12 - Tassels

Numbers 15:37-41 God spoke to Moses: "Speak to the People of Israel. Tell them that from now on they are to make tassels on the corners of their garments and to mark each corner tassel with a blue thread. When you look at these tassels you'll remember and keep all the commandments of God, and not get distracted by everything you feel or see that seduces you into infidelities. The tassels will signal remembrance and observance of all my commandments, to live a holy life to God. I am your God who rescued you from the land of Egypt to be your personal God. Yes, I am God, your God."

What are my tassels?

During my life, so often, my tassels were me. I was totally focused on - me. I lived for me. I was seduced by the world. Even after having Adam and Nichalas, I would often put them before Him. They were my worth - not me in Him.

I lived in the land of quicksand and mirages. Exhausted - trying to survive "my way" was killing me. Within me was anger, bitterness, darkness - such a feeling of emptiness.

And then, I made tassels and hung them on/in my heart.

His Word.

I dig into it. I chew on it. I carry it in my heart.

My heart - totally transformed by Him through His Word.

What are my tassels?

His Words of hope, promises, security, love, peace, joy. The map to my promised land. My "40 years of wandering in the wilderness" have been done for 27 years now. He is my "own personal God". I am marching towards my Home - Following Him. To be with Him - Forever.

He is my tassels.

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