Thursday, March 08, 2012

03/08/12 - Organized

Numbers 28:31 "Remember, the animals must be healthy."

How is my tithe? Is it first fruit - cream of the crop - the best of the best?

We try to follow Dave Ramsey Financial Peace. This year I want to buckle down and follow it closer as I used to. Tithing - we do. I want to go beyond the 10%. We try. There are many ways to tithe. The hardest for me is my time. I like being home, working here. And often He "interrupts" my schedule. I know He is teaching me that there isn't such a thing as "mine" - it is His. That not only goes for stuff - it goes for time, gifts and talents.

Do I give Him "the healthy animal" or the leftovers? My goal for my tomorrows is to get our home/shop cleared of "stuff" that is a burden. To be organized. Looking for something causes so much lost time. Time I could be giving to Him. Our money goal is to get reorganized. We have goals and are achieving them, but there are some I am lax on.

Groceries - need to utilize coupons, etc. I recently "organized" our freezers and threw out 2 large bags of old food. It was 99% fruits and veggies. What a waste. I am back on a monthly menu plan with once a month big grocery shopping. I am being convicted about the waste. Waste of His time, money, and stuff.

He has blessed me with so much. I want to be the best steward I can be for Him. I want to be organized so I can give Him my first fruits - the cream of the crop - the best of the best.

To be scrambling throughout life, being stressed, and weighed down because I am unorganized - isn't what He designed.

I want to give Him "healthy animals".

For His glory.

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