Thursday, March 29, 2012

something new

Today begins a first for Curt and me.  We are going on the "90 Day Challenge" together.  In the 30 years we have been together, never have we tried weight loss/healthier living together.  I'm thinking in 90 days it'll just be getting the right weather to show off our new beach bodies!

I was reflecting on this today and had to smile at how much I love and trust this man.  How much I also trust that he loves me.  Otherwise, I never would have had the nerve to stand in my swimsuit while he snapped a front and side view.  (No those will not be published on this site.)  I was also thinking about his photos.  Even with the added pounds, I still feel my heart well up inside and realize it isn't about how he looks.  It's what he is in his heart.  It's about Who he has in his heart. 

Not that I don't find Curt handsome - I do - that's an added bonus! 

Over the past 30 years we have both grown from walking outside of Christ to walking in Him.  I have been blessed in watching his growth over the last few years and see more than just a glimpse of who God created him to be.  What an honor it is to be called his wife.  My heart aches for him when I see the hurt that was/is caused by his blood family.  I ache as a mommy, knowing that he as a little boy never had nurturing parents.  Many times I can imagine how he was when he was little by the way our sons were.  They are so like him in many ways.  For that I am thankful. 

I pray to be blessed by minimum of another 50 years together with him.  I pray that they are filled with laughter, good health, many family memories, sharing grandchildren, travel and making our home a sanctuary for Him.  I am excited because God has been using us as a team, and so look forward to many more opportunities to be a vessel in His work.  Together. 

It makes me smile that 30 years ago I was so skinny, and Curt was in great shape - never would I have thought we'd look as we do today physically.  I also never would have imagined that we'd be as in love as we are and that it continues to grow.  It amazes me that not only do we spend much of our free time together, we work together.  And almost, I say almost, all of the time we really are getting along quite well. 

I am so thankful that I am blessed with getting to spend as much time as I do with my best friend.  That Christ is our bestest friend.

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