Saturday, March 24, 2012

"The death toll that day came to twelve thousand men and women—everyone in Ai." (Josh 8:25)

It's important that in our walk with God we don't get more about hating sin than with loving people. 12,000 men and women were killed. All of these people were created by God. Loved by God and desired by God to be with Him. Sometimes when I read of the people who were killed, Pharaoh and his army, etc, I forget that God's heart would have been breaking.

It isn't that He wants to pick and choose certain people to save. He wants us all. Because He is Holy though, when a person decides to cling to sin and not Him, they will suffer the consequences of their choice - eternal death. Thankfully, He gives us opportunity to cling to Him up until our last breath.

I pray that I will not become self-righteous knowing I am one that will be with Him eternally. I pray that I will look upon the lost with a sense of urgency to bring them to Christ. 12,000 is just a drop in the bucket for all the lost souls. Every moment someone, somewhere has died without being in Him. What exactly am I doing to be a part of the movement to prevent this?

Today there are so many causes people are passionate about. Our world today seems to be more about the rights of animals, environment than those of people. But as a Christian, how am I as a "soul rights" activist. Am I active or placid? Do I see the opportunities to sow seeds for Him in all my steps? To be in the movement to bring more souls to Him?

I pray every day that what breaks His heart is breaking mine.

And I am active about that.

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ErinT said...

"I pray that I will look upon the lost with a sense of urgency to bring them to Christ."