Wednesday, March 07, 2012

03/07/12 - More than a heehaw

Numbers 22:28 "Then God gave speech to the donkey. "

There are times I wonder how often I miss hearing Him speak. As of yet, I do know I haven't missed a donkey! There are so many ways He does speak - through His Word, His people, His nature - and also the still small voice within me.

He promises me "I am the Good Shepherd. I know my own sheep and my own sheep know me......They'll also recognize my voice." (John 10:14-18)

How often am I so focused on going "my" way, that I do not recognize/hear Him when He speaks? It, again, goes back to focus. If my focus isn't on Him, I'll be so absorbed with me that I'll miss "the angel of God" standing in front of me.

Looking back at my life, I have always felt His angels watching out for me. There were many times I was protected from harm. He brought me to this place where I am today. I am so blessed and thankful for that.

I am so blessed to work outside - to be in His nature. To mow in places that usually I am the only one to be there week to week. To be under His vast sky and watch the storms come in, the lightening across the river, the birds. A bald eagle fly in towards me, the sun shining on his head, turning it into a beacon of bright white. I am so blessed on hot, hot days and the wind will brush against my face cooling me off - a kiss from God.

I am so very blessed to be able to crawl up into His lap 24/7 and be with Him. That He is always within me. Talk to Him about anything and know He desires me to be with Him.

I am so thankful for how His Word has transformed my heart and vision. That I do listen, draw near to Him. That I am becoming more concentrated on this journey of life being for Him and not my way.

That I recognize His voice.

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