Wednesday, March 21, 2012

03/21/12 - To Fly

"You found me out in the wilderness, in an empty, windswept wasteland. You threw your arms around me, lavished attention on me, guarding me as the apple of your eye. You were like an eagle hovering over its nest, overshadowing its young, Then spreading its wings, lifting them into the air, teaching them to fly. You my God alone led me" (Deut 32:10-14)

You found me. You rescued me.

Never will I be able to convey all of my thankfulness. Never will I be able to convey all of my love for you. You are so very amazing - that you - the Creator of everything - and I am the apple of your eye. My heart swells with emotion trying to grasp that. My head knows I never will totally, not until I am with you face to face. Even then I wonder if I will ever really be able to grasp your total greatness - your love for me.

How over the years I have felt your arms surround me. So many times looking back as I walked in the wasteland. I could actually feel you holding me. And today - such comfort I have in knowing they are still and always will be holding me.

Thank you for teaching me how to fly. Thank you for breaking me free of the the chain of my past that kept me tethered to the ground. I see now how you have been growing me over the years and in just the past few months you are preparing me for something more. I don't know what - yet.

I do know I no longer am staying in the nest. You have taught me that living is about flying. Living is about soaring to new heights - teaching and drawing others to you. It is about getting out of my comfort zone. Being led by you. Spreading my wings so to speak.

It is about getting out of the nest.

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