Friday, March 09, 2012

my cousin

I can remember learning about my cousin having cancer at a graduation party. Sharing his fears, trying to be strong for his son. It has been a hard, hard fight these past few years. Yesterday, he lost the battle with cancer - he was only 44.

He took with him parts of many persons hearts and left part of himself in those same hearts. I have many memories of him from the years past that I now am so thankful for.  He has taught me and so many others that people are the important things in life.

People and fishing.

His stepson wrote two beautiful heart shares this week:

"The past week I have been thinking alot. About things I have done and the past and things that will go on in the future. I am scared of what is going to be happening in my future. What I am going to be doing in my life, but in the past 48 hours I have relized that all that will be ok with the amazing family that I have that supports each other all the time. Brad has helped me out alot. To become a... better man, give me support on my decsions in life, help me out with problems I get into, and makeing my mom fell wonderful about herself. I have the pleasure to know someone so great in my life he is one of the strongest and bravest men that I know. He has had one of the hardest battles that anyone can ever face. You are one of my top idols. You will never be replaced in my heart Brad. You have been like a 2nd father to me. I love you alot. And for everything that you have done for I want to say thankyou for everything you have done for me and my whole family. I love you and I wish I could help you out more or even give you some of my years of life so you could stay here longer and bring the joy you do to my mother and family." 03/04/12

"Brad passed away some time I was at school... When Mrs. Westermyer picked up the phone i just had that felling that he did. I felt different inside, but a good kind a different. Like I know now that he doesn't have to suffer anymore and that he is in god`s hands now and he`ll take care of brad. I loved him alot. He tought me so much through my life. How to be a gentleman and how to be brave and keep on fighting. My mother is deeply hurting from him passing away, but i know she`s a strong lady and that i will always be there for her and love her as much as humanly possible just like brad has done. Brad I am going to miss you and your songs, your inapporite jokes, and the way you made my mother fell. I love you very much and my thoughts are with you as you make your new journey up towards the beautiful gates of heaven. I hope you find a great fishing hole that you can catch the biggest fish ever. You shall be missed for ever and ever. You had an impact on so many peoples lifes. I`m really looking foward to meet you again when it is my time to go to the Gates of heaven. I shall see you then... -Love Coltin Taylor" 03/08/12

I love you Brad.

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