Tuesday, March 27, 2012

03/27/12 - Couldn't or wouldn't

The people of Judah couldn't get rid of the Jebus"ites" (Joshua 15:63)
But they didn't get rid of the Canaan"ites" who were living in Gezer.(16:10)
The people of Manasseh never were able to take over these towns—the Canaan"ites" wouldn't budge. But later, when the Israelites got stronger, they put the Canaan"ites" to forced labor. But they never did get rid of them.(17:12-13)

God had instructed the people to totally destroy all who lived in the Promise Land that were not following Him. He knew the people would be turned away from Him through these people. They already had proven this numerous times. Again, God knows best - that is what He wants for me.

I think about the "ites" that I allow to live in my life. A little tidbit of gossip here and there, sneak a few handfuls of cookies, procrastinate instead of just do, the self-righteous thoughts that creep in as I compare others ways, bitterness and anger when buttons are pushed that I have not let go. Lots of "ites" and they could totally take over and destroy me.

This marks my 12th year to read through His Word. At first I did it out of a sense of duty, and not every day. One year I read the entire New Testament on December 31. At first it was an obligation to fulfill a vow I had made to Him. My heart wasn't in it. Just going through the motions.

And then - He happened.

Over the years I have come to love being in His Word every day. It has become as much of a part of me as breathing. His Word is so alive and has/is transforming my heart. I have fallen head over heels in love with Him after digging in and reading my own personal love letter from Him - His Word.

Yes, I still have "ites" in my heart, but not as many. The way He is helping remove all the "ites" from my heart is such a blessing. For the first time ever, I am really able to pray in love for my sister.   Not a sister love, but a Christlike love. I can actually feel Him loving her through me. Because I am allowing Him to use me.

So removing my "ites" - it is often because I wouldn't not couldn't. I decided to hang onto the sins that I wanted - to serve me. The Israelites had their own reasons for hanging onto the "ites". Greed, selfishness, lust, self, and it turned out to destroy them from within in. satan works that way. he usually doesn't start out with a bang, but a little bump or nudge. Then as we grow accustomed to the sin as a way of life, when it feels good, etc., he ups the dosage.

There are days when I could say I can't read His Word because life got in the way. The reality of it is I am choosing not to. It's all about making Him my number 1 priority - and sacrificing something of me to do so. I am so thankful He has lead me, convicted me, blessed me through His Word every day.

Because of it I have/am experiencing a total heart transformation.

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