Friday, February 26, 2016

"Always At The Ready" - 02/18/16 - Leviticus 16-18

 "standing by and ready." (16:21)

  A vast amount of people in a war. Some are in the midst of the parade that is going to battle, some are "standing by" in the sidelines watching for any signal their help is needed. Ready to run in and take from the Warriors what they found isn't needed to carry with them. Ready to run in and listen to last minute instructions they have for those they are leaving behind. Ready to run in and give them food or a drink of water or replenish supplies. Ready to run in to clean and dress a wound. Ready to run in and just walk beside a Warrior for a time. Ready to run and become a Warrior, so one may rest.

"Standing by and ready."

One of my favorite Bible Studies was on The Armor of God. It isn't called Armor by chance. It is described as an essential uniform to wear "when" we are attacked by the enemy. Not "if", but "when". This Armor is supplied by our Daddy, our Commander in Chief, and it is our free choice to wear it or not. We are responsible for the upkeep and to become so familiar with it that we feel naked without it.

For in reality - without it - we are naked.

Being president of the "Better Late than Never" club, often has me remembering His scriptures regarding the 10 virgins. Five of them came prepared with oil for their lamps while waiting for their Bridegroom. Five did not. It seems the harder I try not to be late, the later I am. I recognize He has set my Divine Appointments for the day and not being ready and on time has caused me to miss so many throughout my life.

I am striving not to do that anymore. I am so about hanging up my title and membership to this club.

The white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland was "late for an important date". I too have an important date with what He has set up for me. Too often, I am not utilizing the all of which He has blessed me with and find I am not "at the ready". His Word has promised me He is in total control, so there aren't any surprises awaiting me. There is nothing new under the sun. His Word has prepared me for the job that is ahead of me for making disciples.

So why am I sometimes standing by and just watching? At times, not even paying attention to Him and totally into me? Why do I, at times, stand back and let someone else handle "an appointment"? All He has sacrificed to "ready" my heart, eyes, ears. Why am I not totally focused on Him - my voice tuned in to His for instruction. Why do I move to a place where the signal is weak? He isn't moving - I am. Instead of standing firm in His promises, why do I allow the storms of life to affect my heart? Affect my reaction time to His appointments.

When I am not "at the ready", my place has to be covered. Someone has to step in and take my place, leaving theirs empty. The game of dominoes begins. There are times when my loving Savior steps in.

After all He has done for me and I choose to put myself before Him. I chose not to be "at the ready".

What kind of warrior for Him am I?

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