Friday, February 26, 2016

"His Dwelling" - 02/26/16 - Numbers 7

"When Moses finished setting up The Dwelling, he anointed it and consecrated it along with all that went with it. At the same time he anointed and consecrated the Altar and its accessories."(7:1)
It was a little different waking up this morning from the previous couple of weeks. The sunshine wasn't coming in, along with the refreshing, gentle breeze, through the open window. I couldn't hear the murmur of voices in the next room as Nichalas and Amber prepared for their day of work. We weren't greeted by their smiling faces upon opening the door to our bedroom. 
I lay thinking about what they were doing at those moments. There is comfort in being in ones home and able to picture them as they live there, going about their daily routine. Tears leak out from the corner of my eyes remembering the last glimpse of Nichalas standing beside their car, waving, as we drove away. Headed out. Distancing ourselves from them with many miles and hours. Knowing it will probably be another four months before being with them again.  
The furnace kicked on as I glean from His Word. The sun is struggling to overpower the grayness of the day. Trees are naked and stark, the grass is dormant. There is beauty here as well, but what a difference a day can make. 
Knowing Adam, Ashley, Charlie, and Ella, are here, as well as all those we share life with, somewhat eases the pain from the distance between Nichalas/Amber. How the heart can be torn while loving so many.
I am thankful ABBA has taken from me the feelings of self-pity and turned it into prayers for them. He has turned the time apart to be one of praise - for I have seen first hand how He is using them for His Glory. 
Adam and Ashley - their home. A stand alone building. A yard. Neighbors close by. Nichalas and Amber. Four walls - a floor plan identical to those units surrounding them. Children's voices intermingled with the sounds of traffic, barking dogs in a distance. Both homes built with the same type of materials.      
In the times shared with our children, He has given us a taste of Heaven, for our ABBA is the center. He is the foundation, He and His Word lives totally with them. Within their hearts, their souls, their minds. 
He has shown me, it isn't the building. No matter where our children place their heads to sleep, they have Him living within them. 
Their whole beings are His Home - The Dwelling. 
Such comfort knowing wherever they place their feet to dwell, He is with them. They follow His lead and look forward to Divine Appointments. There is no greater blessing than knowing the pieces of our hearts are held in the palm of His Hand. Eternally. For they, and all of His, have been anointed and consecrated by our Christ. 
We are His Dwelling. 

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