Friday, February 26, 2016

"Rich, Beyond My Wildest Dreams" - 02/17/16 - Leviticus 14-15

“If he is poor and cannot afford these offerings, he will bring one male lamb. (14:21)

There is no question, no doubt. There is no "if".
I am poor.

Before I was saved that is.

There wasn't anything I could do to "earn" my way into Heaven, into His courts. Nor could I "work" my way in.

It used to be I received great feelings of worth in my "acts of service". In my "fruits of labor" - including our sons. The more I sacrificed in my time, money, even my family for His church, the more I believed I was closer to Heaven.

To Him.

My time was all caught up in doing "things" and not doing "things that mattered". I was "doing" the Bible Studies, attending services, involved in a million groups, but I wasn't applying my heart.

Pretty much doing the "art of lip service".

And I was becoming poorer and poorer.


"He will bring one male lamb."

He did you know.

He provided The Lamb of Christ. I recognized I was poor and couldn't afford the offering. There wasn't any offering that would equate to the Lamb He brought.

And I stopped. I listened. He taught me an important word. "No".

In my trying to "work" my way into Heaven, I had completely cast aside His Lamb.

I was also depriving others from giving a blessing by trying to do everything myself. I was trying to play god and do everything my way.

I was continuing to live as a poor person. I was rejecting the riches He has provided. I was missing out on The Fruits of The Spirit.

He transformed my heart and my life into resting In Him. Following His lead, instead of mine, of what He wanted me to do. Saying "no" so others could say "yes".

He helped me stop and enjoy the riches intimacy "in" Him brings.

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